• 4F M OBMH257 44S trekking shoes

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4F M OBMH257 44S trekking shoes


  • Men' s leather hiking boots 4F is one of the flagship models of the brand, dedicated to men looking for the highest quality leather and great design.
  • These waterproof men' s hiking shoes will provide you not only with high protection against rain, but also great convenience and comfort for your feet.
  • High-quality waterproof Crazy Horse WR leather with a thickness of 1.8mm-2mm. It is worth mentioning here that the leather itself comes from a Polish tannery.
  • Its water resistance is also increased by the use of the proven NeoDry membrane. Thanks to it, neither heavy rains nor walks through wet meadows will wet your shoes or socks.
  • A well-constructed sole made of TPU tread and PU carrier, i.e. a well-adhesive, stable and shock-absorbing sole.
  • Men' s 4F hiking shoes are very durable, they will be suitable both for light trekking and longer trips in the mountains or forests.


  • leather


  • beige
Gamintojas 4f
Kategorija Shoes
Lytis Men
Produkto tipas High
Spalva Beige/Cream
Sportas Tourism/Outdoor
Užsegimo tipas Laced
Vidinis pamušalas Textile material
Viršutinis Natural leather