• Cyklop 1 Semi Commercial HMS crane

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Cyklop 1 Semi Commercial HMS crane

At every gym, in every fitness club there is a device that is very popular. A device supporting beginners in exercises, and advanced users guaranteeing many options for diversifying training. We' re talking about the Smith Crane.
Its origins date back to the 1950s. The Smith Crane design introduces completely new possibilities for strength training. This is mainly due to the integration of the sliding mechanism with the neck and the belay system. Contemporary Smith crane models are usually equipped with additional elements. This means that by deciding to buy a crane, we can receive a device for comprehensive training of the whole body.

The HMS brand has such a comprehensive device in its offer.
We present a crane called CYKLOP 1 HMS which is a stable Semi Commercial class device. The equipment is ideal for commercial use in small fitness clubs as well as at home. It is a device combining the classic Smith Crane with lifts thanks to which the training will be done in 100%.

CYKLOP 1 guarantees a whole range of exercises for all muscle groups. Barbells, rod, two height-adjustable lifts will allow you to do a huge amount of exercise. The number of accessories attached to the device guarantees the involvement of the trained muscles from different angles, thanks to which we will fully develop the muscles and all their muscle heads. In addition, the accessories significantly increase and diversify the list of exercises that can be performed. Any movement made on the crane will be safe thanks to all safeguards and safeguards installed in the device. The gantry also has hangers and a special grip for a free barbell, thanks to which free weight training is also possible. The CYKLOPA 1 design is ideally suited to work with a bench. The bench will provide a lot of additional possibilities to enrich the list of exercises that can be performed on the crane.

CYKLOP 1 was made of the highest quality materials, guaranteeing safety, stability and comfort during training. The gantry is very quiet and the linear bearings in its mechanism guarantee perfect fluidity. Its ergonomic shape will allow you to choose optimal positions for exercises. The lift rollers rotate after the exercising person' s movement, which gives the exercise even greater fluidity and naturalness.

There is no other machine on which you can do so many exercises on such a small area.
This revolutionary device will meet the expectations of even the most demanding users.


  • product dimensions: length: 1990 mm, width: 1500 mm, height: 2200 mm
  • main frame: 50 × 70x2mm
  • neck: length: 194 cm, diameter: 31 mm, weight: 20 kg
  • bearings in all discs
  • linear bearings in the crane mechanism
  • type of load: load plates (not included in the set)
  • holders for hanging free weights with a diameter of 50 and 25 mm
  • neck guides with safety mechanism
  • regulation of cable tension
  • belay: 14 degrees
  • barbell supports
  • possibility of training with a bench
  • finish: powder coating
  • maximum load of 900 kg
  • maximum user weight: 160 kg
  • Product weight: net: 139.5 kg gross: 152kg
    a device for comprehensive exercise of the upper and lower muscle groups: Shoulders, Chest, Back, Biceps, Triceps, Abdomen, Rectifier spine, Buttock, Quadriceps thighs, Double-headed thighs
  • exercise equipment: Smith' s crane, two height-adjustable lifts, rod
  • list of accessories:
  • straight neck connected to two lifts x 1
  • broken neck attached to two lifts x 1
  • short straight stick x 1
  • metal single handle x 2
  • material single handle x 2
  • triangular handle x 1
  • double cord x 1
  • single cord x 1
  • double handle x 1
  • ankle band x 1
  • neck cover
  • Notes: Semi Commercial, 24 months warranty for home use, 12 months warranty for commercial use
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