• Max Trainer Bowflex M6I
  • Max Trainer Bowflex M6I
  • Max Trainer Bowflex M6I
  • Max Trainer Bowflex M6I
  • Max Trainer Bowflex M6I
  • Max Trainer Bowflex M6I
  • Max Trainer Bowflex M6I
  • Max Trainer Bowflex M6I
  • Max Trainer Bowflex M6I
  • Max Trainer Bowflex M6I

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Complaining about the lack of time? Living in a hurry means you don' t have time for physical activity? Despite the constant efforts, it is difficult for you to save time to take care of your health, figure and well-being? Are you looking for a way to find time for regular workouts? Or maybe it' s just an excuse ...

The creators of the Bowflex Max Trainer M6i device knew perfectly well what device a modern man needs. He needs a device that, at home, will allow him to perform the most effective training in the shortest possible time. This device has been created and is currently second to none.

The Bowflex M6i Max Trainer in an innovative way combines the functionality of an elliptical cross trainer and stepper. This combination, which together with the MAX Interval ™ program, will stimulate heart and lung activity in just 14 minutes, accelerate metabolism and provide 2.5 times faster calorie burning than on other fitness devices! This ensures that without leaving your home, you' ll be able to perform effective whole-body training.

Each of us has less and less free time, and constant rush is not conducive to performing long trainings. With Max Trainer, less than a quarter of a day is enough to burn calories and unnecessary kilograms. In addition, you save the time you would spend on your way to and from the gym. What' s more, home conditions provide comfort, privacy, equipment fully adapted to us and personalized training. Having equipment at home, we can use it at virtually any free time. The purchase of equipment is also only a one-time expense that will pay off quickly, as opposed to each time you pay for the gym.

Do not let excuses continue to prevent you from achieving your dream figure, great condition, and above all health.

Sounds so good that it' s hard to believe? Convince yourself and join satisfied customers around the world!

The innovation and modern design of products from the Max Trainer category have been awarded many times. This year, the products have been recognized by Polish users and received the Consumer Laurel ' Discovery 2019' . They were also appreciated by independent equipment testing portals, issuing high scores for individual parameters. The awards received show that the equipment is rated highest by both professionals and equipment experts, as well as by amateurs.

With Max Trainer you save not only time but also space. Thanks to its compact size, it will fit anywhere in the home. It takes 2x less space than a cross trainer or standard treadmill. Its unique design makes you proudly put it in a visible place, without worrying about how it will blend in with your home' s interior. Built-in transport wheels allow it to be easily moved to any place.

TRAINING PROGRAMS: The device has up to 16 resistance levels and 5 pre-loaded training programs. Thanks to the many possibilities of differentiating exercise difficulties, you can use the equipment for many years, regardless of whether you are a beginner or an advanced athlete.

DYNAMIC APPEARANCE: The improved, large backlit console allows easier access to training data. The appearance of the computer was designed like the cockpit of sports cars, which gives it greater dynamics. Additional buttons for quick change of resistance level facilitate smooth increase of intensity.

USER PROFILES: The console has the ability to save two user profiles, so your training data will be safe when the other person starts exercising.

AIR RESISTANCE SYSTEM: Pedaling speed translates into exercise intensity in real time. This means that the resistance during training does not decrease with increasing speed, as is the case with riding an ordinary bike.

REVOLUTIONARY SNEAKERS: Thanks to the innovative, non-slip surface, which is protected by skids, feet stay in place all the time. This protects against excessive pressure on the joints, you suffer injuries less often, and training is more comfortable.

SPORTS APPEARANCE: The sporty appearance of the pedals encourages faster exercise, and the structure of the equipment allows you to increase the dynamics of exercise without back or knee pain.

LONGER HANDLES: Another of the benefits of Max Trainer are the profiled handles that allow you to train in the position that is most convenient for you. This makes upper body exercises more varied than when training with a standard elliptical cross trainer or stepper.

HEART RATE MEASUREMENT: You can achieve even better results by training in the appropriate heart rate zone. Sensors located on the handles allow for constant approximate control. If you want a more accurate measurement, you can buy a telemetry belt. It should be remembered that the measurement of pulse using sensors / sensors placed in the product gives approximate (approximate) results. The equipment is not a medical product. We recommend using a telemetry belt for more accurate results.

BASE AND ACCESSORY TRAY: The equipment has a tablet stand and tray so that you can use the application to track your training progress.

BIDON BASE: Placed in a place where everyone can easily reach and quench their thirst during intense training.

FAST CHANGE BUTTONS: Thanks to the quick change resistance buttons and the target burning speed placed on the console, you can easily adjust the training to your needs. They are located in a place that is comfortable for people of all height.

LEVELING FEET: Well-made details of the equipment make the whole structure extremely stable. Adjustable Max Trainer feet will help level the equipment in the event of uneven ground.

TRANSPORT WHEELS: Transport wheels located on the device allow you to easily move the equipment to any place.


Number of resistance levels: 16 (adjustable electronically from the console)
Backlit LCD display: allows you to track parameters such as time, speed, distance and calories burned
Number of programs: 5 (including the dedicated and patented MAX Interval program)
MAX Interval ™ training: a 14-minute program that allows you to burn 2.5x more calories than other fitness devices
Number of user profiles: 2
Data transmission: Bluetooth 4.0
Synchronization with the Bowflex Fitness App Max Trainer for Apple and Android devices *
Pulse: measurement through sensors placed on the handles, as well as via a telemetry belt (belt included in the kit)
Ergonomic handles: 3 positions involving 80% more upper body parts than when training with a standard elliptical cross trainer
Additional equipment: tablet place, water bottle holder, transport wheels, mains adapter
Aesthetic, sporty pedal design
Small outline: compact design - the device takes up little space and is also ideal for use in places that do not have a large space
Equipment dimensions: 117 x 66 x 163 cm (L x W x H)
Product weight: 67 kg
Maximum user weight: 136 kg

* Android requirements: version 4.3 or newer, iOS requirements: version 8.0 or newer

WARNING! The film is illustrative material. The equipment presented in it may slightly differ from the one offered for sale. A detailed specification of the equipment is given above.

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