• Max Trainer Total Bowlex 40
  • Max Trainer Total Bowlex 40
  • Max Trainer Total Bowlex 40
  • Max Trainer Total Bowlex 40
  • Max Trainer Total Bowlex 40
  • Max Trainer Total Bowlex 40
  • Max Trainer Total Bowlex 40
  • Max Trainer Total Bowlex 40
  • Max Trainer Total Bowlex 40
  • Max Trainer Total Bowlex 40
  • Max Trainer Total Bowlex 40

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Are you complaining about the lack of time? Living in a hurry means you don' t have time to be physically active? Despite your constant efforts, it is difficult for you to find time to take care of your health, figure and well-being? Are you looking for a way to find time for regular workouts? Or maybe that' s just an excuse ...

The creators of the Max Trainer by Bowflex knew perfectly well what device modern man needs. One that at home will allow you to perform the most effective training in a short time. It was possible to create such a device, and over time it was improved, creating new models: M3, M5, M6, M7, M8, Max Total. Now the newest, best and most adapted to Max Total 40 users has been created.

Like the previous models, it combines the functionality of an elliptical cross trainer and a stepper in an innovative way. Additionally, Max Total 40 is a recipe for boredom during training! JRNY ™ and Netflix are just some of the applications the console is compatible with. You won' t even notice how the kilometers will pass one after the other. When you want a change, you can run more than 50 virtual tracks in locations around the world. Access to them is provided by Explore the World. If it' s gray and cold outside, and you dream of training in the sun, all you need to do is find the right route and enjoy the sun on a cloudy autumn day.

Each of us has less and less free time, and the constant rush is not conducive to long training. With Max Total, less than a quarter of an hour a day is enough to burn calories and get rid of unnecessary kilograms. Plus, you save time on the way to the gym and back. What' s more, home conditions ensure comfort, privacy, equipment fully adapted to us and personalized training. Having the equipment at home, we can use it practically at any free time. The purchase of equipment is also a one-time expense that will pay for itself, as opposed to the usual gym fee.

Don' t let excuses keep you from getting in shape, in great shape and, above all, in good health.

Sounds so good it' s hard to believe? See for yourself and join our satisfied customers all over the world!

Innovation and modern design of Max Trainer products have been awarded many times. This year, the products were appreciated by Polish users and received the Consumer Laurel Discovery 2019 . They were also appreciated by independent portals testing equipment, giving them high marks for individual parameters. The awards received show that the equipment is rated the highest by both professionals and equipment experts, as well as amateurs.

With Max Trainer, you not only save time, but also space. Thanks to its compact size, it will fit anywhere in the house. It takes up 2x less space than an elliptical cross trainer or a standard treadmill. Its unique design makes you proudly put it in a visible place, without worrying about how it will match the interior of your home. Built-in transport wheels allow it to be easily moved to any place.

TRAINING PROGRAMS: With video training led by a trainer and 20 resistance levels, you will find the right training for you, whether you are a beginner athlete or an advanced user *. With a subscription to JRNY Max Total, it opens the door to a world of training sessions tailored specifically to you and your fitness level. You then get access to additional video training, daily suggestions for new training sessions and runs in virtual locations (Explore the World), as well as the ability to log in to your streaming platforms. As a reminder, new users receive the first year of JRNY subscription for free.

INNOVATIVE DISPLAY: The large 15.6 high-resolution touchscreen allows easy access to applications, favorite series or training parameters. It motivates you to work harder and achieve better results in a shorter time. It is also a remedy for boredom while covering the next kilometers in four walls.

USER PROFILES: Do you have a large family and everyone wants to exercise? Your results will be safe when the next person starts training, as Max Total 40 saves the training data of an unlimited number of users. You can motivate each other to exercise regularly and also compare your results.

AIR RESISTANCE SYSTEM: Pedaling speed translates into exercise intensity in real time. This means that resistance during training does not decrease with increasing speed, as is the case with riding an ordinary bicycle.

MAGNETIC RESISTANCE SYSTEM: Pedal movement is smooth, even when changing the resistance level. This makes training comfortable.

REVOLUTIONARY SKATES: Thanks to the innovative, non-slip surface, which are secured with the skids, and a special blockade, the feet remain in place all the time. This protects against excessive pressure on the joints, you suffer less injuries, and the training is more comfortable. In addition, the skids move with the foot, so you do not have to lift it, and the movement is smooth and natural.

DYNAMIC DESIGN: The sporty design of the pedals encourages you to exercise faster, and the structure of the equipment allows you to increase the intensity of exercise without back pain or knee pain.

LONGER HANDLES: In the Max Total model, the handles are longer and more contoured. The user has as many as 6 grip options. This makes training even more comfortable because, regardless of your height, you can exercise in a position that is comfortable for you. This allows you to perform a variety of upper body exercises.

MEASURING HEART: You will achieve even better results by training in the correct heart rate zone. It should be remembered that measuring the pulse with the use of sensors placed on the handles gives approximate results. The equipment is not a medical product. For more accurate results, we recommend using a telemetry belt. or the armband that comes with the equipment.

BOTTLE POCKET: It is placed in a place where everyone will be easy to reach and quench your thirst during intense training.

LEVELING LEGS: Solidly made details of the equipment make the whole structure extremely stable. Adjustable feet will help to level the equipment in the event of any unevenness in the ground. Due to the fact that the equipment has four feet instead of the standard two, you do not have to worry that the equipment will swing.

TRANSPORT WHEELS: Transport wheels placed on the device allow you to easily move the equipment to any place.

* wifi is required to connect to the console.


Number of resistance levels: 20 adjustable with a knob on the front panel

Display: 15.6 color touchscreen (requires wifi connection)

Number of user profiles: unlimited

Data transmission: Bluetooth 4.0

Heart rate measurement: using the sensors on the handles, the included armband or the optional telemetry belt

Additional equipment: water bottle pocket, transport wheels, leveling feet, USB port with charging option

Hardware dimensions: 125.2 x 78.2 x 166.9 cm (L x W x H)

Product weight: 70.5 kg

Maximum user weight: 136 kg

Warranty: 2 years

The JRNY platform uses artificial intelligence to create a virtually infinite number of personalized workouts based on an initial fitness assessment that learns and adjusts as the user progresses. No more guesswork and standard exercises! With JRNY you are guaranteed that your training will always be productive and satisfying. The JRNY platform offers personalized audio workouts, trainer-led workouts, and integration with other fitness apps. On touchscreen hardware, you also have access to your own Netflix or Amazon Prime Video subscriptions.

JRNY users can now perform workouts without the use of fitness equipment. In the Round Out Your Routine tab there are videos of yoga sessions, strength and general development exercises.


JRNY speaks directly to you and motivates you to keep working, and creates personalized workouts based on your training history. Their goal is to help you burn as many calories as possible and improve your fitness, while respecting your abilities. By adjusting the difficulty (target burn rate) and length (time) of each workout, JRNY can provide a tailored program that' s perfect for you.


Based on the results of your personal fitness assessment, JRNY offers you training sessions tailored specifically to your fitness level. According to Bowflex, this is achieved through a complex algorithm based on your previous history of burning calories. JRNY measures the number of calories you burn and how quickly you burn them, and then uses that data to create workouts tailored to each user' s fitness level.


JRNY offers a library of instructional videos led by trainers.

Explore the World ™ enables virtual training in different places around the world. Regardless of the weather, you can run or go wherever you want with your equipment. The app automatically adjusts in real time to the speed of Bowflex, Schwinn Fitness and Nautilus devices that have a Bluetooth® connection.

Run 5km through the picturesque Japanese countryside, 10km through the Highlands, run a marathon on the streets of London or Prague and much more. Take on the challenge of training around the world. Plus, Explore the World ™ allows you to track time, distance, speed, calories and heart rate, helping you stay on top of shape and celebrate success by improving your track performance. Explore the world today!

Premium JRNY app users with touchscreen hardware do not need to subscribe to Explore the World ™ as they have free access to all routes. By using Explore the World ™ from within JRNY, you have additional access to training programs, more data, and a trainer to guide you through your training.

Watch your favorite program while training. While watching, you will see your current exercise data at the bottom of the screen. Netflix subscription not included in JRNY.
Note: This option is only available on devices with a touchscreen. It is not in the application on the phone or tablet.

The Bowflex JRNY ™ App is compatible with Apple devices running iOS 12.0 or later and most devices running Android 6.0 or later. The app syncs your training data in real time.

After creating an account, the user receives a free annual Premium membership.

ATTENTION! The video is illustrative material. The equipment presented in it may differ slightly from that offered for sale. Detailed hardware specification can be found above.

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