• The Flow Fitness Turner DHT2000i programmable bike
  • The Flow Fitness Turner DHT2000i programmable bike
  • The Flow Fitness Turner DHT2000i programmable bike
  • The Flow Fitness Turner DHT2000i programmable bike
  • The Flow Fitness Turner DHT2000i programmable bike
  • The Flow Fitness Turner DHT2000i programmable bike
  • The Flow Fitness Turner DHT2000i programmable bike
  • The Flow Fitness Turner DHT2000i programmable bike

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The DHT2000i bike is a durable and solid piece of Flow Fitness equipment. The model is ideal for home training both for people who are just starting their adventure with sports and for advanced users. It has a low starting resistance, making it also useful for people who return to training after an injury, as well as a very high one, which can be used in strength training. There is a Smart Wheel on the console, with which you can easily select the training program and other options. This means that you no longer have to search for the right buttons during training. The bike is equipped with transport wheels, so you can easily transport it to another place and store it after training.

A wide range of adjustment of the saddle, steering wheel and console ensures the correct position of the user, and the resistance system guarantees effective training. Additionally, a strong steel structure and the highest quality components make riding this bike stable, safe and comfortable. The bike connects to the Kinomap, iConsole and Zwift applications. Thanks to this, you have access to additional training routes, you can take part in virtual races or compete with friends, and your activity will become more interesting and varied.


Dimensions: 100 x 50 x 140 cm (L x W x H)
Weight: 29 kg
Maximum user weight: 135 kg
Smart Wheel adjustment knob for quick and easy change of training parameters
User Profiles: 4
Displayed values: time, speed, revolutions per minute, heart rate, watts, calories burned
Training programs: 24
Compatible Apps: Kinomap, iConsole, Zwift
Pulse measurement: sensors placed on the steering wheel and wireless measurement (belt sold separately)
Extras: USB port (for charging), tablet tray, transport wheels, bottle holder, power supply
Resistance levels: 32 (change from console)
Resistance system: magnetic
Flywheel weight: 10 kg
Saddle: comfortable, widened, adjustable in two planes
Balanced pedals with safety straps
Purpose: home use
Warranty: 3 years


Riding a bike on the Tour de France, starting the New York Marathon or just walking the streets of Barcelona? It' s all possible thanks to Kinomap. This app contains over 93,000 km of realistic training videos that automatically change the slope and resistance of your equipment. Thanks to them, you can participate in your favorite sports competitions at any time of the day, while enjoying the comfort and warmth of your own living room. If you want racing to become even more fun? Invite your family and friends to compete for the first place.

iConsole +

With the iConsole + app you can quickly choose the training you want. Map My Route allows you to select a random route and cycle it using Google Street View or Apple Flyover. Or maybe you prefer to do interval training on a treadmill? Thanks to the iConsole + application, you can easily choose an exercise program and set its goal.


Discover the virtual island of Watopia. She is only one of the many places that you can travel while training with Zwift. The application gives you the opportunity to train together with athletes from around the world and discover different countries and routes. Choose from hundreds of events - from fun group rides to intense races where real prizes are at stake! You can also train together with your friends and cycle or run with them in real time by connecting to third-party apps such as Strava or Garmin Connect. With Zwift you can not only race, but also take part in group rides 24/7/365. Riders of all skill levels are welcomed, and each category is determined by FTP in watts per kilogram (w / kg). These races and group rides attract thousands of comers from all over the world every day.

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