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Prekės kodas: 13890V2

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Product description:

A three-wheeled scooter, designed especially for adults. Thanks to the stable construction and three wheels, it can be successfully used even by beginners. The equipment ensures driving stability and entertainment, while ensuring full control! A decisive advantage of the scooter is its safety - three wheels effectively prevent any falls.

Scooter is a great alternative to skates or skateboards. It' s stable and it' s easy to learn how to ride it. Works great as a means of transport, especially in the city. The product is lightweight and can be folded, so it will fit in the trunk of any car or in the glove box. In addition, the advantage of riding a scooter is undoubtedly the work of the muscles of the legs, buttocks and torso. Maintaining the correct and stable position and accelerating on the scooter is an excellent cardio training.

Combine business with pleasure and spend time with family. Riding a scooter can be a great way to spend time with children outdoors.

Technical data:

Handlebar with adjustable height.
The column is made of aluminum.
A 51 x 15 cm platform / deck made of 9-layered Canadian maple, with non-slip surface.
Front / rear wheels: HR 82A 125 x 40 mm / HR 82A 100 mm x 36 mm
Bearings: ABEC 7.
Maximum load: 100 kg.
Dimensions (L x W x H): 71 x 27 x 97 cm.
Folded dimensions (L x W x H): 71 x 27 x 17.5.

Gamintojas Solex Sports
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Lytis Unisex
Produkto tipas Recreational accessories
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