• 4F W H4Z20 GGD061 74S ski goggles
  • 4F W H4Z20 GGD061 74S ski goggles

Prekės kodas: H4Z20GGD06174S

Turimas kiekis: Sandėlyje

Gamintojas: 4f


Ski goggles 4F gold H4Z20 GGD061 74S

  • 4F women' s gold ski goggles.
  • Full UV400 protection filter that protects against ultraviolet rays.
  • In addition, the model is equipped with a Flash Mirror coating that protects against infrared radiation.
  • Anti-fog coating.
  • Anti-Fog limiting lens fogging during temperature changes.
  • Cylindrical, double lenses provide the right contrast and angle of view and reduce the deposition of vapor.
  • A perfect fit will be ensured by an elastic fastening strap with adjustable length, and the comfort of wearing is guaranteed by a three-layer velor foam from the inside of the goggles, which adapts to the contours of the face, ensuring tight protection against wind and snow.
  • Ventilation openings in the lens, covered with a thin layer of lining, ensure free air circulation between the goggles and the face.
  • Easy-to-clean lenses made of durable polycarbonate ensure lightness and resistance to damage.
  • The thermoplastic polyurethane frame guarantees resistance to weather conditions.
  • The anti-scratch anti-scratch coating protects the lenses from scratches.
  • 4F goggles meet the European standard EN 174.
Gamintojas 4f
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