• Power band GT by tiguar PB-GT0003 training bands

Prekės kodas: PB-GT0003

Turimas kiekis: Sandėlyje

Gamintojas: Tiguar



  • Specialist rubbers prepared in cooperation with Jakub Podgórski, the creator of the GT concept.
  • These are extremely durable rubbers used not only in this type of training, but also in a comprehensive sports (motor) preparation.
  • Thanks to four levels of resistance, they can be easily selected depending on the needs of the exerciser and the level of advancement.
  • Their innovation lies in the pioneering system of marking the degree of resistance of the rubber, which indicates how much force still needs to be put into its optimal stretching during exercise.

  • Resistance rubbers of various elasticity are used to conduct GT classes.
  • They ensure the appropriate intensity of the exercises performed, regardless of the level of fitness of the participants of a given training.
  • 1st resistance level - plum gum: the lowest resistance. Intended for beginners or for exercises with very complex and complicated movement.
  • 2nd resistance level - sea gum: medium resistance. Designed for most people participating in GT training. It is the most universal, it is perfect for pairing exercises.
  • 3rd resistance level - olive rubber: heavy resistance. Often used in GT strength training by women and as a men' s scaled version in most GT training programs. Intended for advanced people. In addition to the weekly sequences, GT is often used in GT Mobility.
  • 4th resistance level - gray rubber: the heaviest resistance. Intended for men or women advanced in strength training. It also works well as a counterweight in dynamic and plyometric exercises.

    power band stretching:
    50% elongation - 12kg
    100% elongation - 24kg
    200% elongation - 45 kg

    - weight: 0.4 kg
    - width: 32 mm
    - length when unfolded: 208 cm
    - color: olive
Gamintojas Tiguar
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Medžiaga Thermoplastic rubber
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