• Tempish Ragar 1050000243 scooter
  • Tempish Ragar 1050000243 scooter
  • Tempish Ragar 1050000243 scooter

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TEMPISH Ragar scooter


  • Very strong structure, durable welds, reinforced profiles and basic material - grade AL alloy.
  • 6061 ensures high durability even with very difficult use.
  • The platform has a cutout on the underside for weight reduction.
  • Headsets: integrated.
  • Clamp: IHC + 4 screw sleeves
  • Grips: TPR, 140mm
  • 120mm diameter wheels, 88A Super Hi-Rebound hardness with aluminum core.
  • The core has an original design and construction.
  • High quality ABEC 9 chrome bearings with top speed, high precision.
  • Reinforced handlebars made of high quality AL material, width 560 mm (22 ), height 580 mm (22.8 ).
  • The fork is made of steel.

Technical specifications:

Recommended Use: Sporty street (city) and freestyle riding, for beginners, advanced and experienced riders.

Material: Solid construction with high-strength joints, reinforced profiles and virgin material - grade AL alloy. 6061

Wheels: 120 mm

Wheel hardness: 88A

Bearings: ABEC 9 chrome steel + rubber washer

Integrated headsets

Clamp: IHC + 4 screw clamp

Brake yes

Footrest length: 52 cm

The width of the scooter deck: 12.8 cm

The width of the steering wheel is 60 cm

The height of the steering wheel: 66 cm

Weight: 4.5 kg

Weight limit [kg]: 100

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