• Tempish Rsc-X 1000004607 freestyle skates
  • Tempish Rsc-X 1000004607 freestyle skates
  • Tempish Rsc-X 1000004607 freestyle skates

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TEMPISH RSC-X freestyle skates


  • The new generation of TEMPISH RSC-X freestyle skates is ready for the toughest freestyle tricks.
  • Carbon cuff made of nylon reinforced with glass fiber, precisely manufactured chassis with a new revolutionary design of mounting for 1 and 4 wheels with adjustable cradle, anatomical shape, microbuckle padding, shape memory lining - these features will allow better, faster and reliable control over the skates and movement in them!
  • This revolutionary model in the TEMPISH collection opens up a completely new category of freestyle inline skating - it is intended for real professionals and freeriders.
  • A very good anatomically formed carbon shell keeps the foot in the optimal position while allowing sufficient freedom of movement for trick or slalom riding.
  • Several new microfiber PU materials are used on the outer shell. This new material is highly abrasion-resistant, lightweight yet strong and has minimal water absorption. These properties are maintained for a long time, even under different conditions.
  • The outer instep pad is easy to replace.
  • The nylon cuff moves optimally according to the needs of the skater and is shaped to perform even the most difficult tricks.
  • The skate is equipped with reinforced laces with a self-locking effect to prevent inadvertent loosening. The first strap on the instep has a cross-shaped structure, thanks to which a weight reduction is achieved and it is very hard to press the foot against the shell at the same time. The second instep strap features a microbuckle for a very comfortable and sensitive tightening adjustment in the sh ell. The strap fits perfectly into the guide groove and does not put pressure directly on the foot. The top buckle is made of AL alloy and has a cover that won' t obstruct your tricks.
  • The entire structure of the rollers has been designed to obtain the narrowest possible shape and to facilitate the necessary movements of both rollers close to each other.
  • The lining has a shape memory. After a short time, the internal shape of the rollers adjusts to the shape of the user' s foot! Lining - fine mesh on the inside is non-slip. The ends of the lining are made of fine SLIDE mesh.
  • An integrated insert in the lining allows you to stay longer on the rollers. Significantly lowering the liner around the Achilles tendon for an easier ride on the front wheel.
  • The rollers are equipped with skids of the new Double EXTRA L + S construction. The bolt on the first and fourth wheels is eccentric and allows the wheels to be flush with the other wheels or to mount the rocker arm when the 1st and 4th wheels are off the ground.
  • The solid structure and the materials used can withstand the highest loads.
  • Wheels: TEMPISH FREE-S hardness 85A, dimensions 4 x 76 mm for sizes 37-40 and 4x80 mm for sizes 41-46 are characterized by high durability and have an optimized base for freestyle skating.
  • ABEC 9 chrome-plated bearings at top speed, high-precision, oil lubrication and easily removable rubber washers.


  • Purpose Freestyle inline skating, heavy load.
  • Advanced, experienced racing skaters.
  • Skid CNC DOUBLE EXTRA L + S construction, finish: black alox + silver fine, cnc finish. Skid length: 2З1 mm for sizes З7-40 76mm for sizes З7-40. Mounting hole spacing: 150, 165, 180, 195 mm
  • Wheel size 76mm for size З7-40 80mm for size З1-46 Wheel hardness 85A
  • Bearings 608, ABEC 9
  • Lacing system Shoelaces Type |
  • Shoe shell Light - made of 7-layer carbon fiber, skeleton shape: universal 3D fastening, Achilles tendon reduction, cuff - nylon material, removable, with one self-tightening buckle. Chassis attachment points with lateral and longitudinal adjustment
  • Liner (inner sock) Inner material - fine sliding mesh in the inner part, fine-grain SLIDE material is used at the end of the insole. Integrated sockliner in the lining, sockliner significantly lowered in the Achilles tendon area
  • Brake None
  • Top clasp Buckle 45 degree clasp Buckle, Velcro
  • 8mm axles
  • Weight limit 100 kg
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