• Tiguar yoga cube made of TI-J0003 cork

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Tiguar yoga cube made of TI-J0003 cork

Thanks to the practice of yoga, you will strengthen your body and mind, gain strength and peace at the same time. If you are just starting out and your body is not yet flexible enough to be able to freely perform various postures - reach for yoga aids. One of them is a yoga dice, also known as a block, which will support your practice wherever your body does not yet have the proper stretch. However, not only beginners use cubes, they are part of the yoga practice of people of all levels, guaranteeing 100% safety and comfort of exercise - and those made of cork are also a 100% natural choice. 100% natural yoga cubes the production of tiguar cork yoga cubes has never suffered any tree? Cork is made from the bark of the cork oak, which is harvested cyclically, once every 9 years, and is carried out under strict standards, in accordance with the rhythm of the tree' s life. It is nature that dictates the conditions! Therefore, when you buy a tiguar cork cork, you become part of a natural process in which we can use its goods in an environmentally friendly way.Comfortable and safe training Cork is lighter and softer than wood, therefore cork cubes do not make noise , and thus, when you move them or put them on the floor, they do not distract you or those practicing with you. A light and handy cork block is also a good choice when you will be transporting your yoga aids. It is also the best solution for the elderly, for whom the use of heavier wooden cubes may cause wrist strain. Due to the pressing of the cork in the production process, the cube will not fray or crumble. The smooth surface and smooth, rounded edges guarantee comfortable and safe use of the ankle, which is also characterized by a good grip to the hand. A beautiful and durable mandala pattern, which you will also find on our tiguar yoga basis mats, will remind you every time that yoga is a continuous process of self-improvement leading to harmony of the body and mind. and size pleasant to the touch its use allows for gradual progression IMPORTANT INFORMATION Dimensions: 7.4 x 14.8 x 22.4 cm Weight: 0.68 kg Material: 100% natural cork Warranty period: 12 months Professional' s recommendation Yoga cubes are a great complement to the practice yoga - at all levels. The cork version is lighter than the wooden one and has slightly different proportions. It is also very pleasant to the touch and has smooth, rounded edges, which increases comfort in many exercises. I recommend it to people for whom the wooden version is too heavy or too hard in relaxation positions. In addition to comfort and safety, it is also worth mentioning that it is a 100% natural choice. I recommend! :) PATRYK TOMASZEWSKI, owner of Sport & Photography Patryk Tomaszewski, group training instructor, personal trainer, yoga and pilates teacher, international trainer and fitness presenter


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