• Tiguar strap for carrying the TI-J0010G mat

Prekės kodas: TI-J0010G

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Tiguar strap for carrying the TI-J0010G mat

A natural and handy strap for carrying a yoga mat.
However, you can use it not only for transporting the mat, but also as an aid with some asanas and also during stretching to safely increase the range of motion. The strap loops can be easily unfolded and folded (passing the ends through the ears) to obtain the full length of the strap of 143 cm.
You can freely adjust the width of the loops and their arrangement on the mat itself. The strap is short and very comfortable, so the mat hung over the shoulder is at the optimal height and does not bump against the hips. Comfort guaranteed!

carrying and hanging the mat
help with some asanas
help with stretching


natural material
strong and durable
made in Poland

Important information

overall length: 143 cm
width 3cm
thickness 0.3 cm
Material: cotton tape

Warranty period: 12 months
During use
In order to keep the strap clean, it can be washed at a temperature of up to 40º, and dried when hung up.
Attention! It must not be used for transporting heavy objects or for weight-bearing exercises.

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